A worldwide name in edge protection, Combisafe offers the perfect solution to edge protection for low to medium rise structures. Simple to install and maintain yet robust enough to exceed all Health and Safety requirements, the all-in-one edge protection panel is above the minimum height requirement, offers brick guard style protection full height and has a built in toe board. Perfect for any site.

The Climbing Edge Protection

System is probably the best solution to the risk of working at height.The system can offer total protection to the workforce on high rise structures. By enclosing the entire perimeter of the structure not only are you preventing personnel and materials from falling but you are also protecting the areas below, whether they are public roads or footways, railway lines or other buildings. The system itself is fixed to the poured concrete structure and raised through guide shoes by using the crane.

The Alsina gallows fall arrest system

The Alsina gallows fall arrest system is simple by design, the optimum position for effective fall arrest is above your head. The gallows frame is inserted into a sleeve cast into the vertical elements of the floor below the one you are forming, thus providing a support frame above your head. With its built in inertia belt it provides the perfect position for attaching a harness and also offers 360 degree movement.

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